NEWS! amazing new collaboration in copenhagen

We just started collaborating with Jordemoderhuset in Copenhagen - a place that we respect very much and used ourselves, when we were expecting our twins.
Get a special discount code, when having your scan made there and save 15% on your order.

Learn more about jordemoderhuset


The very first meeting

The first time you see your baby on the screen during the ultrasound is magical. Breathtaking even! From that moment on nothing else matters. That’s why we want to make that moment last forever.


Photos are amazing tools for storytelling for your little ones. Our girls can spend hours looking at photos and videos of themselves while we tell them stories - and just now they’ve started showing interest in the time before they were really here. Which makes our sonogram art perfect as bedroom decor.

Danish design

Handmade in Copenhagen

Production time of up to 3 working days may occur

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