About us

Unborn Tales is our small family business that was envisioned and created out of our love and joy everything baby.

We always knew that we would need help getting pregnant, but nothing could have prepared us for the heartache you experience when you month after month see a negative result on that little plastic stick or when you finally get pregnant and loose your baby. 
So when we finally got pregnant with our twin daughters, we must have had a million sonograms.

The need to see those little hearts beating and the tiny movements was overwhelming - it was everything!

So when our Christmas miracles Filippa and Ophelia were born on December 12 2018, we had a drawer full of ultrasound photos.
Some were wrinkly, some were folded, but non of them served a purpose.

And so we began playing around with them. We wanted a keepsake from the pregnancy, from our fertility journey and from the very first meeting with our daughters. 
This was the beginning of Unborn Tales.

 Fraternal twin embryos in handmade, unique and painted sonogram. Beautiful ultrasound art.

The ultrasound from the first time we saw our daughters hearts beating.


Unborn Tales is owned and created by husband and wife, Mark and Michella.

Mark has had a passion for photography and photo editing for more than 20 years, and Michella has worked with photo and video editing through her work as a journalist.
We both have a love of painting and that’s why we ended up working with wotorcolour.

But more importantly, we love the creation of life and want to celebrate all the magnificent unborn tales out there.

Founders of Unborn Tales Mark and Michella with their two daughters Filippa and Ophelia
Mark, Michella and their two daughters Fillipa and Ophelia.

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