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3D square

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Seeing your baby for the very first time is magical - especially when it's a 3D ultrasound.
Enjoy your baby's first photoshoot and the memory of your pregnancy with this gorgeous 3D print.

The hand painted square backgrounds is the perfect contrast to your baby.
This works really well with close up ultrasounds of your baby as well as full body ultrasound photos.

Your babies' ultrasound will be applied digitally to the pre-scanned hand painted background and then printed on a professional Canon imagePROGRAF photo printer using ink that will last for generations.

We recommend this piece in size A5.

Transform your sonograms from refrigerator art into handmade sustainable master pieces.

There is no greater feeling in the world, than seeing your little one for the very first time. The sound of their hearts beating, the tiny movements - it’s magical.

Our sonogram art is a keepsake of that special moment that will hopefully put a big smile on your face in the years to become.

Every background is hand painted and every sonogram prepared individually to make sure that your little masterpiece is captured beautifully.

Because the entire process is done by hand they will vary a bit in looks, shapes and sizes, which is also what makes them so unique.

It’s important for us that all our product are sustainable and environmental friendly and so we use:

- 290 gsm art paper made of 90 pct. bamboo and only 10 pct. cotton
- Cellophane bags made of wood pulp that is biodegradable and can be composted
- Cardboard envelopes made from reused paper
- Postcards made from reused paper
- Stickers made from sustainably sourced wood pulp that is 100 pct. compostable

• The frame is not included.
• Remember to upload the photos before adding the product to the cart.
• If you want a name, date or something else entirely written on your print, you can give us those information in the “Special instructions for seller” once you have added the product to the cart. Or you can send us and email at info@unborntales.com.
Please also read the page Personalize.

All our sonograms will be shipped with track and trace.

Because every single product is done by hand, there is an expected production time of up to three business days. 
We will update this information if there are changes in the production time.

Once you have decided on a product in our shop, you must find your absolute favourite sonogram and upload it as a high-resolution scan or photograph.
We want to make sure that your art piece is perfect, so please follow the guidelines below:

Scan the sonogram.
- NO dust on the sonogram nor the scanner
- Save the file as a high resolution jpeg
- Make sure to scan the entire sonogram and please check in advance that your baby isn’t missing anything, before you upload it

Photograph with either a camera or a phone.
- Turn off your flash!
- Make sure that there are no reflections, shadows or reflected lights on your sonogram
- Photographing it near a window to make sure that it is well lit
- Get as close as possible to the sonogram with your camera or phone without missing anything and remember to stay in focus.
Please avoid cropping the photo. We will do that. Remember, we can always remove things, but we’re not able to print what isn’t there.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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